INGAA Statement on President Trump's Executive Orders
Wed Apr 4, 2019

INGAA Statement on President Trump’s State of the Union Address
Tue Feb 2, 2019

INGAA Responds to GAO Review of Pipeline Security Guidelines
Wed Dec 12, 2018

Natural Gas Council Statement on GAO Report Assessing TSA Pipeline Cybersecurity Guidelines
Wed Dec 12, 2018

Natural Gas Council Statement on NERC Retirements Report
Tue Dec 12, 2018

INGAA President: “FERC functions best when it has a full complement of commissioners”
Thu Dec 12, 2018

INGAA board elects Enbridge executive vice president Bill Yardley as chairman
Tue Oct 10, 2018

INGAA Foundation names industry veteran Tony Straquadine as new executive director
Mon Sep 9, 2018

INGAA board of directors affirms commitment to minimizing methane releases
Mon Aug 8, 2018

INGAA applauds effort to restore cooperative federalism
Tue Jul 7, 2018

INGAA urges PHMSA to update class location change requirements to align with new technologies and pending integrity regulations
Mon Jul 7, 2018

FERC should reaffirm principles of existing pipeline certificate policy statement, INGAA says in comments
Thu Jul 7, 2018

INGAA pleased to join Global Natural Gas Coalition as a founding member
Mon Jun 6, 2018

U.S., Canada to require $800 billion in natural gas, oil and NGL infrastructure investment
Mon Jun 6, 2018

INGAA ‘deeply troubled’ by Trump administration plan to punish natural gas
Thu Jun 6, 2018

INGAA opposes Trump administration’s decision to impose steel tariff on long-standing allies
Thu May 5, 2018

Natural gas, oil industry highlights preparedness for upcoming hurricane season
Tue May 5, 2018

INGAA board of directors affirms commitment to secure, reliable pipeline infrastructure
Tue Apr 4, 2018

INGAA focuses on outreach to farmers, ranchers as part of Safe Digging Month
Thu Apr 4, 2018

INGAA calls on Trump administration to exempt pipe products from steel tariffs
Fri Mar 3, 2018