INGAA Statement on IRA 2022
Thu Jul 7, 2022

INGAA Welcomes Rob Mosher as Vice President of Government Affairs
Tue Jul 7, 2022

New EIA analysis demonstrates consumer, environmental benefits of added energy infrastructure
Thu Mar 3, 2022

INGAA is Pleased with FERC’s Reconsideration of New Certificate Policy Statements
Thu Mar 3, 2022

Energy Trades write to Pres. Biden seeking meeting on Natural Gas supply solutions
Wed Mar 3, 2022

INGAA Responds to last week's Senate ENR hearing on FERC's new policy statements
Wed Mar 3, 2022

INGAA Statement on banning imports of Russian Oil, LNG, and Coal
Tue Mar 3, 2022

INGAA Statement on President Biden’s State of the Union Address
Wed Mar 3, 2022

INGAA Reacts to FERC Certificate Policy Statement Changes
Thu Feb 2, 2022

Natural Gas Council Encourages Industry Partnership with Biden Administration on American and EU Energy Security
Thu Feb 2, 2022

Kinder Morgan Executive Kimberly Watson Appointed INGAA Chair
Wed Feb 2, 2022

INGAA Members Announce Enhanced Pipeline Safety Commitments
Tue Jan 1, 2022

Pipeline Trade Association Statement on Proposed Energy Product Reliability Act
Wed Jan 1, 2022

INGAA Welcomes New Communications Director
Wed Jan 1, 2022

INGAA Congratulates Willie L. Phillips on Confirmation as FERC Commissioner
Wed Nov 11, 2021

INGAA Releases Updated Commitments on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Thu Nov 11, 2021

INGAA Statement on EPA Proposed Methane Emissions Regulations
Tue Nov 11, 2021

INGAA Releases Inaugural Climate Report
Tue Nov 11, 2021

Natural Gas Associations Urge Congress to Withdraw New Tax on Natural Gas from Budget Reconciliation
Tue Oct 10, 2021

INGAA Statement on PennEast Pipeline
Mon Sep 9, 2021