Sports Management

Wilson Ward & Associates (W&A) provides sports management consulting services. Including but not limited to market analysis, digital marketing, brand development and event planning.

Market Analysis

W&A introduces client products and services to targeted consumers.

Whether our client’s objective is to expand their business footprint in an existing market or establish their product in a new market; our team, through careful research, identifies market challenges, refines, and evaluates sales tactics, and monitors sales performance. This hard work and diligence provide meaningful client growth opportunities.

Digital Marketing

In an increasingly connected world, social media is an essential component of any business plan. Active social media engagement offers the ability to build relationships, monitor conversations, receive valuable feedback on products and services and keep your audiences informed about your most current news and information.

Brand Strategy and Development

Our team elevates awareness of client brands through an integrated communications strategy blending traditional media and marketing tools with digital media platforms. We collaborate with our clients to develop and execute media and marketing initiatives that include press releases, news articles, guest articles, social media, corporate sponsorships, exhibit booths, customer referral promotions, trade show and conference optimization.

Event Planning

W&A’s expertise in organizing hundreds of corporate and sports events provides attendees with a memorable and valued experience. Events also offer our clients an additional market access.

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Inquiries should be directed to:

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